Food brings everybody together. May it be fighting over the last slice of pizza or last bite of chocolate, family always comes together on a dining table especially for festivals, and banquets. These days we can see that variety of cuisines can be found in restaurants and cafes. Here are some global cuisines that you would love to dig in.

1. Spanish cuisine.

Spanish cuisine.

With limiting spices, Spanish people believe in bringing out the natural flavor of the food. They do not prefer hiding this exquisite natural taste with cumin, pepper or chilies. Being located in the coasts, their primary focus is on seafood. There is croquettes, paella, bean stews, fried milk, tortilla Espanola and so many dishes! Visit any café or restaurant, do try tapa or pinch. These snack sized bites are delicious and go perfect with a glass of wine.  

2. French cuisine.

French cuisine.

Oui, it is that cuisine in which most of the five-star chefs are often trained. It’s not just about cheese, baguettes and chocolates, but also about elegance. This cuisine is perfect for those people who want to lose weight. Coq au Vin (chicken in wine), Alsatian bacon and onion, Bacheofe, Steak Diane and chocolate mousse along with many other yummy dishes.  Also, don’t forget to pair your food with a glass of wine! 

3. Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine has a rich history and some unique dishes. With fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, spiced and mouthwatering meals are made. In choices for meat, there is lamb, fish and shellfish, chicken and beef are preferred. Moroccan dishes include tangine, dishes flavored with lemon, olive oil and dried fruits, cold salad, bread, couscous, Khobz, Haira, B’stilla and mint tea.  

4. American cuisine

American cuisine

American cuisine is one of the most loved and popular dining option. American cuisine comprises of a variety of dining styles. Traditional American diners offer hamburgers, biscuits, gravy, omelets, hamburgers, hot dogs and buffalo wings. Some other famous dishes include Chicago’s deep dish pizza, Texas’ five alarm chili and microbreweries and coffee. 

5. Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine dates back to centuries. Greek cuisine can be called as a unique mixture of variety of Mediterranean styles. If you are in Greece, you will get olive oil, fresh herbs and yeah, feta. In meats, there is abundance of fish, pork and lambs. Barbouni, Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Gyro (meat roasted in a vertical spit), Keftedes (meatballs cooked in herbs) and Horiatiki (traditional Greek salad) are some popular Greek dishes. 

6. Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is highly varying since it is a heavily populated nation with diverse cultures. There are a variety of vegetarian dishes, curries, some sweet and spicy dishes. There is dal, kadhi, idli, dosa, upma, butter chicken chicken 65 etc. And there are some mouthwatering desserts such as carrot halwa, gulab jamun and barfi among many others. India also has a rich variety of street food. A must try these are! 

7. Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanese cuisine.

Due to its location in the world map, Lebanese cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines. This cuisine uses plenty of seafood, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Their major focus is lined towards fish. In a Lebanese restaurant, you can find unique salads, pickles and vegetable dips. Baked Kibbeh, Hareeseh, Baalbek, Kebbe and Lahme bil-khal and roastuts are a part of Lebanese cuisine. 

8. Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine.

Best thing about Italian cuisine is olive and pizza. Italian cuisine happens to be one of the world’s favorite. There are a variety of cheeses such as parmesan, maggot, cheddar and about 400 more types of the same. Italian dishes vary from region to region. Starting from antipasto (appetizer), followed by primo course comprising of rice or pasta. The following course includes meat and the final course is dolce or dessert course. Dishes include spaghetti, pizza, parma ham, pasta carbonara, risotto, bruschetta and of course spumoni ice cream. 

9. Mexican cuisine.

Mexican cuisine.

Tomatoes, salsa, beans, cumin and spices, Mexican cuisine is a popular choice in America. The ancient Mayan dishes have a delicate taste whereas; the central and southern Mexican dishes are more about classy and sophistication. Generally in restaurants one can find northern Mexican dishes but the choice is up to you. There are enchiladas, chili con carne, tacos, burritos, Tex-Mex, Flautas with guacamole and so many options to choose from. 

10. Chinese cuisine.

Chinese cuisine.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. It consists of 8 main cooking styles: Cantonese, Anhui, Szechuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hunan and Shandong. According to Chinese cuisine, yin and yang must be kept in balance. Similar concept is exhibited in food. Chinese dishes have variety of colors, smells, tasted and textures. Chinese cuisine comprise of Gong Bao chicken, Chow mein, Peking Roasted duck, sping rolls, Ma Po Tofu, Sweet and sour pork, etc.  

11. Turkish cuisine.

Turkish cuisine.

Turkish people don’t just offer high quality coffee and chocolates; they offer delicious kebabs, dumplings and baklava. This cuisine has a wide range of stews, seafood based meals and eggplant dishes. Fresh vegetables and olive oil are abundant in Turkish cuisine. There is Menemen, Kofte, Kuzu Tandir, Borek, Baklava, Gullac and of course dolma. Along with delectable stuffed dolmas, rose based desserts are an extensive part of Turkish cuisine. 

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