Gruesome and tragic truth about inhuman people and how innocent lives suffered for the sake of greed. A crime that happens around the globe.

Organ Transplant in Demand, so supply need to increase.

In America, organ transplants are in high demand,  In America , 123,000 people are waiting for an organ. In year 2015 only 30,970 transplants were legal.  World Health Organization, America states that people would purchase transplant packages from a range of $70 to over $160,000.00 over the internet and most of it is sold and harvested illegally.  Many people died everyday either their organs are harvested or they are sick and do not have an organ. According to sources one painter died and then eye, heart and lungs removed. There are many more tragic stories like that. It can happen to anybody, when people are greed for money and when there is a demand for illegal purchases. 

Countries that were reported

 Indonesia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil are among those that have been commonly reported that have been doing this illegal trade. If one will search in google about illegal organ transplant, I'm sure they will come to many brutal stories and truths that can never be understood. The evil and how cold the traffickers and the harvesters are.  

Value of different parts of the body

Value of different parts of the body

I believe this is just a rough figure as many people will sell them more expensive.  This made some Americans also want to sell away their organs to earn extra income. Some are also conned man that wanted to make profit out of underprivileged people. 

Indonesia: People Sell their organs/ kidneys for 5,000 only

Early this year Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reported that people from Majalaya, West Java sold their kidney for 5,000 to a middle man. They were from an underprivileged village and most o of them needed to pay off their debts. A boy in the video sold his kidney when he is 17 years old, now his health deteriorate. Organs being sold by the middle man were increased  from 5,000 to 25,000 when one wants to purchase from them. Now some people have asked the government to start a organ donor bank. 


In China, it is told that they are a very famous place for people to get their organ transplants done, but according to Falun Dafa's article in their year 2015 magazine that organs were harvested by China Hospital, and most of them came from prisoners. They believed that most of the people are Falun Dafa's members.  Donor's identity very never reveal to their receiver. This was known because there are many that wanted to pay respect or thank their donor but failed to trace them, when they ask them. Those organs were harvested all against that person's will.  According to a Chinese named Li, he performed 120 transplants a year while another chief surgeon perform 100 per year, this hospital may have reached up to 1000 transplants annually (source Falun Dafa's newspaper). 

A few books were also written to tell people about the story about this gruesome trade. Two of the books are; Bloody Harvest by David Matas &  David Kilgour and The Slaughter by Ethan Gutmann. 

A movie is made to caution everybody about this evil procedure

A movie is made to caution everybody about this evil procedure

A 2014 movie by Canadian Media, to share with others about this. Talking about 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners being killed for their organs. According to Wikipedia, this movie received 9 film awards and the most recent is recieved Nov last year, AIB Media Excellence Awards, International Investigative Documentary. One can purchase this movie online from itunes. 

Children organs harvested

Jan 30 this year, a doctor was banned from working in Britain because he stripped 100s of dead children to get their organs. According to abc news, Britain's health minister promised that he will change the law to make sure that no more people will be able to remove organs from patient. It was also recorded that last year in Liverpool hospital; that they were storing up to 400 fetuses from still-births and abortions without consent of parents. 

Now this year, information of organ harvest were wrongly posted, many people started spreading a hoax across the internet and Facebook. We start to share the news among our friends feeling terrible for the children. Next time remember to search on CNN to see if the facts is real to avoid any hoax on the internet. Although most pictures are real but it wasn't for the correct story.  

What should we do?

What are your thoughts on this? do you think you will be able to stop this crime from continuing? there are still many stories around the globe that were yet to be discovered. Thanks for taking your time to read, do remember to jot down some comments about this issue. Lets not close one eye and let it continue. 

Information and sources taken from

Decoded Science ,  Falun Dafa magazine (Print), Big, abcnews, and  Human Harvest . 

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