Scurvy results as the deficiency of vitamin C in diet due to various reasons including the long time deprivation of fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamin C known as ascorbic acid in chemical nomenclature, gets its name from Latin name scorbutus.
Human body requires certain amount of vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen that plays a substantial role in the formation of healthy bones, teeth and capillaries and also helps wound revivification process.

Scurvy ischaracterized by blue and black spots on skin bleeding mucous membranes andspongy gums. 


Causes of Scurvy:


As described abovescurvy the major root cause of it lies in the vitamin C deficiency. It’s veryimportant to know that the requirements vitamins for human body differs fromone condition to other like breastfeeding, pregnancy, diarrhea, burns,inflammatory diseases and exposure to extreme hot and cold weather conditions.


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